How to Make $5000 EVERY Week (or more)With Affiliate Programs!

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How To Be A Global Internet Tycoon - by Allen Says
Money & Power - An Interview With Allen Says

 How to Make $5000 a Week (or more) 
With Affiliate Programs!

Do what the experts are doing....

Attract 1,000's of Prospects to You, Then Trap Them In 
Your Influence Until They Buy Or Want Out!

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Dear Future Subscriber,

In this letter I am going to reveal exactly what you have to do to earn $5,000 a week
or more with affiliate/dealer programs. There are 8 different things you can begin doing 
immediately to make tons of money in your chosen program. You may not be able to do
all 8 but every step should be taken to do as many of these as you can. These techniques
are the only ones that really work!

#1.  A Direct Personal Email Message To Selected Webmasters!

Not bulk email. I'm talking about going directly to the website, getting a name, 'then'
sending the site owner a short message asking if they would be interested in having a
banner on their site that could end up providing a powerful residual income.

Your letter might say this......



Hi this is Gary. I just looked through your site and it would be a perfect place to
host our banner. Would you be interested in hosting a small banner that will pay
you $10 for anyone that signs up, PLUS, if those also host the banner and make
any sales you make yet another $10 per sale?

It's been working great for me and I'm looking for good business sites like yours
to expand my own network. If you would be interested just let me know and I'll
send you the information about our group right out.




When you get a positive response back - send them a letter about your program and the 
URL they can go to to check it out. Come up with your own short letters and test them to 
see which gets the best response!

Notice I did not mention the dealer program or domain name of the program I am in. Just 
in case he gets mad I do not want my account with my program to be jeopardized because 
he gets nuts about getting an email message.

Do not go out and gather a bunch of webmasters email addresses and spam your letter to 
them all. What I am saying is go to each one separately and mention their name in your 
email. That way you can not be accused of spam or bulk email. You may get a nasty letter 
or two but just ignore it and move's no big deal.

Is this the fastest technique in the world?  No!

Does it work?  Yes!

I got this letter from a dealer....

"Allen, emailing sites does work. I've got 46 sites for my program signed up already 
and they are bringing in close to $400 a week in commissions for me. I got it down 
now to where I can comfortably do 100 or more a day. It's not easy but it does 
work! thanks"

It's completely a numbers game. Direct email does work. But you have to have the desire to 
put forth the effort. If you're the type that will mail 10 letters and freak out because you get 
no response, then don't even attempt this strategy. You may mail 60 and get no response. 
Then the next 60 you mail you may get 3 positive responses. If you continue you will find that 
before long, sooner than you thought, you will have a growing network of very powerful, 
select sites making you money around the clock.

Tip:   Select Sites With Alot of Traffic!  Signing up just 10 sites with alot of
traffic is better than signing up 100 members who do not even have web sites

Attack the sites that rate high in the search engines under the keywords for your type of 
business. If you're promoting the Warrior opportunity your keywords are anything to do 
with business or making money. Example Keywords: Marketing, Make Money, 
Opportunities, Profit, Cash, Success, Home Business, etc....

#2.    Start a 'Hot Tips' Newsletter!

Do you want to recruit 80 people or more a week to your program?

Then Publish a Newsletter! Wait. It's not as hard as you may think. All you have to do 
is publish a Hot Tips newsletter. Whenever you find a really cool site or hot marketing tip 
send it out to the list. I am subscribed to many such lists just in case someone finds something 
out I haven't found yet. I get tons of newsletters each week and many of them aren't worth 
the digital space they take up. Every once in a while though, a little jewel pops up that really 
helps me out. So I stay subscribed to them all. And so do 1000's of other business owners!!

Why would I want to publish a newsletter?

Because it's one of the hottest ways to sell anything you want once a person has subscribed. 
When someone subscribes to your free newsletter, you then send them a welcome letter that 
also gives the details of your program you want them to join.

I know of one marketer (although I don't approve of it) that does not even publish the 
newsletter. He only uses it as a front because he knows Tons of people immediately respond 
to a free newsletter offer. Once they respond, he hits them with a welcome letter that ends up 
selling them on his program or product. He gets around 700 sign ups a week and sells about 
80 of them on his deal. I don't agree with this for 2 reasons. One, if everyone did this the net 
would be flooded with fake newsletters and two, he is making a tragic mistake by not actually 
publishing the newsletter and reaping the benefits of selling advertising space or making joint 
venture deals with other businesses or even selling other products later.

I also know of another marketer that has built a huge subscriber/customer base by bulk 
emailing his free offer for the newsletter to opt-in lists. (Opt-in lists are people who want to 
get opportunities by email)
. He does not mention the programs he promotes in his bulk email, 
just in case some of the people did not really opt-in and get mad. He only mentions his programs 
once they subscribe. He sends a 'thanks for subscribing' letter that also promotes what he was 
trying to sell in the first place. Be careful with opt-in or safe lists. Some people have just compiled 
names and sold them as opt-in lists. This is the reason he does not mention any company/program 
he is dealing with in the actual bulk email letter.

More resources on newsletters/e-zines.....

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#3.  Post Helpful Hints/Tips/Answers in Forum's Everywhere!

An entire book could be written on the power forum marketing. The most important things to 
know are these.....

#1. ALWAYS have a sig file attached to the message you post. Almost no one gets mad about a
short 3 to 4 sentence signature file at the bottom of your message. Plus, most forums have a spot
to put a live link direct to your site. Your signature file is the most important part of your forum
marketing. Offer your free newsletter in it. Put the url to your site in it. Say something that makes
someone want to go take a look!

#2. Don't overload a board but - Place As Many Tips/Hints/Answers To Posts As You Can On
As Many Boards As You Can!! Hundreds of thousands of people go to forums all over the net
everyday. As your posts begin to add up so do the numbers of people seeing your signature file.
Remember, it's just a numbers game.

#3. Actually give real value. Don't go and disrespect someone's forum with advertisements no 
matter how good you think your product or opportunity may be. Everyone won't think you're 
product is so great and you'll get bruised quick. Actually post something someone can use. Give
a good answer to someone's question. 9 times out of 10 someone is asking where something is so 
stock up on your knowledge of sources and be able to provide the answer.

This method of marketing is extremely powerful in the right hands. After a couple months of
constantly finding forums, building your list of forums and posting to them you begin to find you
have traffic coming in from hundreds of different places. Your signature file is being seen by 
thousands of people a day. A side benefit of this is the contacts with other important people you 
will no doubt end up making.

Articles about posting in forums and mailing list discussion groups......

No Cost Marketing

How Effective is Your E-mail Sig?

Marketing on Email Discussion Groups For Fun and Profit!

#4.  Write Special Reports And Give Them Away!

This is still one of the most powerful and effective methods there is to make a fortune. The sad
thing is most people will simply feel they can never write a good special report. You can! It's
not hard and the report does not have to be a work of art to get spread around. The better it
is the more web sites will pick it up and host it for their visitors. The more newsletters will place
it as a feature article in their newsletter. There are a ton of newsletters out there dying for new
articles. These newsletters are run by people just like you. Do not be afraid to approach them
with your article as a possible feature article they could run in their newsletter.

Always have what's called a resource box at the end of the article. The resource box tells who
you are. Where your site is. It tells webmasters/newsletter owners they can host/print this report
as long as the resource box remains on the report. Again, this resource box is the most important
part of this strategy. As your articles begin to get spread around to many web sites/newsletters
the resource box is constantly advertising for you, bringing people to your site and bringing in
subscribers to your newsletter.

#5.  Answer Questions in Discussion Lists!

This is basically the same as forum marketing with one big difference. In discussion lists, your 
message goes directly to the members of the list by email AND they usually read most of every 
issue. One list can have 1,000's of members on it. Staying in the discussion on a few big lists can 
sell tons of your product. Check this report out on mailing list marketing, it has a lot of good 
sources of lists to join - Click Here.

#6.  Start Your Own Affiliate Program!

Starting your own affiliate program these days is a snap. LinkExchange has begun a service that
will let you create an affiliate program for your site fast. You can pay your affiliates by the visitor,
lead or sale. However you want it configured. Check it out at: Clicktrade!  One of our own
members has done this and already has alot of sites linking to his site sending him traffic.

#7.  Create a Unique, Provoking Web Site People Will Come Back To!

Use techniques like Warrior member Martin Franzen who draws them back to his site with a
powerful newsletter and free reports. Check out Martin's site at:!

Create some reason for people to come back to your site again and again. Do you give away
free web sites? Free autoresponders? Free reports? It does take work no doubt. Getting traffic
to return to a web site more than once is no easy task. A newsletter comes in handy here.
Announce something new posted at your site to everyone in the newsletter. When they return
to the site your banners get exposed over time which in turn brings even more people to your
site. Yet another reason why newsletters are so powerful.

#8.  Capture Every Single Email Address You Can!

This is the most vital part of all your marketing. You will notice that all these techniques on
this page work to attract 1000's of prospects to you then traps them in your influence until
they buy or want out!! Capture every email address and keep sending tips/hints/secrets and
OFFERS to them until the buy!

Every marketer on the net that is making serious money is using all or most of the techniques 
we've talked about here. They are powerful. They work. If you will work them to the fullest. 
Be professional about it. Be serious about it and work it like a Warrior!!

Allen Says

Copyright 1998 by Allen Says